If you are looking for routine standard clinical care, please contact your family physician to be referred to a metabolic clinic/specialist. The following services are offered outside the realm of clinical research.

Vibration Therapy

This service is a physician monitored vibration therapy program, directed towards patients with mobility issues.  This program is based on medical evidence that shows vibration therapy in patients with neuromuscular disease improves mobility.

Vibration is a mechanical oscillation which in most clinical settings is applied indirectly to muscles through the joints while standing on a vibrating platform.  There are acute and chronic effects on the muscle using vibration therapy.  Vibration was initially used together with exercise for training athletes to improve performance and as a counter-measure to reduce the impact of space-flight on muscle performance and bone health.  Therefore, we recognize its potential for its application in mobility-impaired patients with neuromuscular disorders.

Patients will receive 10 minutes on a vibration machine once every week for a 12 week period. This service will include an initial clinical exam, review of medical history, review of mobility issues, and a survey on mobility goals. At the end of the 12 week program, an assessment of mobility improvement will be made.

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Exome-FIND (Whole Exome Sequencing)

Under development.

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